Saturday, October 11, 2008

Enter to Win Free Bonghi Natura Products

It's giveaway time again, and it's our best one yet! With the holidays coming up I thought it would be the perfect time for a giveaway, so I will be having one now and one closer to Christmas so stay tuned. The contest will run from October 11- November 1st.

The rules are simple go check out my shop, BONGHI NATURA, come back and leave a comment on my blog with a link or the name of your favorite item from my shop!

1st Prize
- $25 to spend in my shop on anything you like, may be used towards total purchase price, including shipping. $25 must be used all in one purchase any remaining balance will be forfeited .

2nd Prize - $10 to spend in my shop on anything you like, may be used towards total purchase price, including shipping. $10 must be used all in one purchase any remaining balance will be forfeited .

3rd Prize - Free Bar of Soap of your choice

I will also be giving out free samples so even if you don't win the top 3 prizes you still may get some samples!!

One entry per person. I will allow one additional entry per person to any one who links to my blog or contest on their blog, or to any person who is either donating to, or has breast cancer awareness products for the month of October. (Please let me know in your comment or via convo if you qualify for an additional entry)

Winners will be chosen at random on November 1st, so don't forget to check in and see if you've won!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Feature - FancifulForm

What is the best way to describe your shop, and what makes you unique? is my escape from the everyday for me. Sometimes I will get frustrated with a painting or a drawing I am working on and I need something I can do to relax while I wrap my head around whats bothering me. The only way I know how to relax is to create so when everything else I create gets overwhelming I turn to my pendants for balance and support.

How did you select your name?
When I first joined Etsy I agonized over the name of my shop. I wanted something that would allow me to have multiple kinds of items. Paintings, Prints, ect. I had the word "Fanciful" stuck in my head for some reason and after pondering that for a while I decided on "FancifulFlair" for my art shop. I wanted my Pendant store to be similar as it is more defined I decided on FancifulForm.

When and how did you first get started in your art?
I started creating as a child. I don't honestly remember the first time I took toilet paper and made papier mache or the first time I smeared paint all over a Christmas ornament.

Do you sell outside of etsy? If so where?
So far I only sell on Etsy. I was accepted to HandmadeFusion but I don't really know anything about them yet. I have my own website Which showcases my artwork and is capable of selling through paypal but I haven't set it up yet.

Is this your full time job?
No, This is my part time job. I have been working for my art teacher off and on trying to get her studio organized and when I am not doing that I run my two etsy shops. I'm also a full time college student.

What is your favorite material?
Oh goodness. I dread this question. lol
I could start a list that would never end. They are all my favorites! Probably my very favorite right now is fabric. Any scrap fabric at all. I collect mountains of scrap fabric even when I don't need it because someday I might.

What do you enjoy most about creating your art?
The zone. You know that place. Where you suddenly find that you've spent eight hours on a project you meant to sit and spend fifteen minutes on. Where you realize that you're so hungry you may feint because the kitchen was just too far away from your desk to grab a snack. Thats where I am the happiest.

Where do you find inspiration?
Most of my inspirations comes from experimenting with mediums. I'll try something I have never done before and depending on how the finished product looks I'll either scrap it or delve deeper and try a different ratio or poor it over fabric or add beads to it. I'm inspired by trial and error.
Click HERE to visit Fancifulform.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A few months ago I started making a soap, for Breast Cancer Awareness, for each bar sold 50% of the proceeds is donated to Breast Cancer. In honor of breast cancer awareness month 10% of all regular sales will be donated to breast cancer.

Click here to visit our etsy shop!

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