Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday Feature - Nature Manipulated

Give us a summary of your shop, and how you got started.
Nature Manipulated's visual and wearable art is designed to reflect upon nature and all of its elements. At NM we believe that EVERYTHING holds a piece of nature. Everything is nature manipulated.

What motivated you to open your shop?
Approximately four years ago, I bought a pair of cute earrings at a pretty pricey boutique. After returning home, I examined the earrings and realized there wasn't much to making them so I thought I would give it a try. I went to the bead shop and bought tons of supplies. Way more than I needed for a beginner designer. I started making more and more earrings, and then necklaces.

After feeling comfortable with my work and assured that I produced quality work, I spread the word to my family and friends. A few people bought some stuff and suggested I open my work up to a bigger customer base. I taught myself html and designed a website for Nature Manipulated. Then, by chance, I found out about Etsy. I thought the site was incredible, competitive but incredible. It was just the site I wanted to immerse myself in. I opened a shop and have been selling ever since.

How did you select your name?
As mentioned before, I believe that everything contains a piece of nature, whether its a book, a building, a car, etc. I take objects of nature, stone, paper, wood, metal and manipulate them to reflect upon the world from which the objects came. Everything, except nature in its purest sense is nature manipulated.

What makes your shop unique?
I don't think my shop is any more unique than the next shop. Everybody's work is unique because whether it looks like something someone has made or not, it is made by a unique person, and the inspiration behind somebody's work is never the same for everyone. What makes my work unique, is that it is made by me, and MY thoughts, MY experiences and MY inspirations make their way into every piece.

Do you sell anywhere outside of etsy? If so, where?
My work is also available through my website
I am toying with the idea of redesigning my website and linking my Etsy shop to it.

I also have a blog,, which features other Etsy shops, provides helpful information for new Etsy sellers, offers tutorials, and of course, every so often delves into my thoughts and creations.

How long have you been making your craft?
I started creating jewelry and beaded accessories approximately four years ago. As for photograpy, I have always been drawn to the camera, and started truly taking pictures 13 years ago.

Is it your full-time job?
Being the artist, designer and owner of Nature Manipulated is a full-time job, but it is not my only one. I also work in the biotech industry.

How do you balance work, and/or your shop, and home?
Balance? What balance? There is no such thing. On weekdays, I spend at least nine hours at the office. During my lunch break, I run to the post office or do some advertising/marketing work for Nature Manipulated. Then nights and weekends I do everything else, sleeping not more than five or six hours a night.

What is your favorite material.
In terms of jewelry-making, I really like turquoise, carnelian, horn and wood.
In terms of photography, I really like taking pictures of old cemeteries. I think they are one of the most peaceful places in the world and contain so much history. They are a timeless place and often esthetically beautiful places.

What inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Different landscapes I encounter traveling, the weather, peoples faces, emotions, historical events, nostalgia, ... EVERYTHING.
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TexasTesla said...

Great feature! Another etsian with so much creativity, so little time! :-)

Nature Manipulated said...

Sorry for stopping by so late. I was out of town.

Thanks for the feature. I really appreciate it.

And thanks for the nice comment, texastesla!