Friday, June 20, 2008


Give us a summary of your shop, and how you got started?
I make sassy classy frames for all the beasts in our lives (four legged or two--you choose your star). My shop started when I was at a loss as to what to get my sister for Christmas a couple years back. She has a pug that she adores (even though he can be a major pain in the butt) so I figured I'd make her a frame for him. Well, needless to say, my slightly twisted sense of humor surfaced while making her gift, and voila! SOBDOG was created.

How did you select your name?
My boyfriend actually helped me come up with it. It's pretty self explanatory if you know what I sell, but it still sounds cool even if you don't.

What makes your shop unique?

We've all seen the "Best of Friends" and "Family" frames with cute or profound sayings surrounding your precious photos. But rarely (if ever) do you see captions like those on good ol' SOBDOG products. If you do, let me know. I might just buy one.

Do you sell anywhere outside of etsy? If so, where
Not yet, although I've thought about contacting some local pet boutiques.

How long have you been making your craft?

The first SOBDOG frames were made in December 2006, although I didn't list them on Etsy until this past January.

Is it your full-time job?
Nah. I'm a graphic designer. It's not a bad gig, but I too wish to live out the dream of one day supporting all my bad habits with income from my crafts...

How do you balance work, and/or your shop, and home?

I work from home so I don't have to worry about commuting or anything like that. When I'm finished working at 5pm, I can simply walk into my craft room and start working on my next project. It's a pretty sweet deal, I know. And trust me, I used to commute in the DC area, so I definitely appreciate what I have now.

What is your favorite material?

I don't really know. Maybe paper? I know I love using my labeling machine... Try stealing my casserole dish now!

What inspires you?

My animals, color combinations, funny sayings, things from my childhood. Ooh, and music, big time. During college I used to listen to a lot of Tim Buckley while working on projects. His stuff still gets my creativity flowing.

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