Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friday Feature - Two Bees In A Pod

Two Bees In A Pod

"I make cards that you can't go in the store and pick up. The quality, love, and hard-work put into my cards is unbelievable."

Give us a summary of your shop, and how you got started.
Well my shop name is Two Bees In A Pod, because it is a mother-daughter run operation. I couldnt do it without my mom! Even though i am the one that is dealing with everything, she helps me with every order. You can also see that she knits, and i have her scarves on my website. She only sold one though, we started etsy at the wrong time apparently, end of January and missed the christmas rush!

What motivated you to open your shop?
I made christmas cards this year for my whole family, and then got motivated by all the great things people said about them, i was like its time to get on ETSY.

How did you select your name?
My mom and I were brainstorming one day about what our name should be...and she said "two peas in a pod" and i thought she said "two BEES in a pod"..and the name stuck.

What makes your shop unique?
I make cards that you can't go in the store and pick up. The quality, love, and hard-work put into my cards is unbelievable. You can buy a great handmade card for the same price, even cheaper at my store. What else is better than that?!

Do you sell anywhere outside of etsy? If so, where?

No i currently don't, i am trying to get myself into some craft shows this summer though!

How long have you been making your craft?
Only since the end of November... so not long at all, but i have been scrap-booking forever!

Is it your full-time job?
No, but I wish it was! I am currently still in school for my Elementary Education degree. So all the money goes toward student loans that i have building up! :]

How do you balance work, and/or your shop, and home?
You mean how do i balance: work, school, your shop , and home. Its insane! I am a busy person, but at the end of the day it all falls into place.

What is your favorite material.

What inspires you?
Of course nature does, but i also love looking at all different kinds of magazines, the pictures and colors really inspire me, and i can go home and immediately know what i want to create!

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awwwwww i love it!!! thank you so much!! your great!!!!!!

Tanya said...

awesome card maker. i love that second one.

Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Very nice cards!! I am also a card maker!! Love seeing other peoples creations!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

These are really sweet.