Friday, August 15, 2008

FRIDAY FEATURE - Jennifer Squires Productions

Give us a summary of your shop, and how you got started?
I've been photographing professionally since 1996 and I opened my Etsy shop in February 2008. My work covers a broad range of categories, from shopping carts to gerbera daisies, but I always find that I focus on the details of life.

How did you select your name?
I use my name for my shop name and business name, so I guess it comes from good ole Mom and Dad.

What makes your shop unique?
My photographs are fresh, contemporary, and very professional, complimenting a wide range of decor styles.

Do you sell anywhere outside of etsy? If so, where?
The prints exhibited on Etsy are only available through my Etsy shop, however I can be commissioned for private pieces through my website:

How long have you been making your craft?
I've been taking pictures my whole life, but I began to study photography in high school and continued through college.

Is it your full-time job?
I am very happy to say that photography is my full-time job, and has been since 2001.

How do you balance work, and/or your shop, and home?
I restrict blocks of time throughout my days and weeks that are specifically for work and specifically for play.

What is your favorite material?
My favourite materials are found objects and paper.

What inspires you?
I am constantly inspired by the world around me and I use photography to search for simplicity and meaning in the beauty of the everyday.
Click HERE to visit Jennifer Squires Shop.


jennifer squires said...

Thank you so much for featuring my photographs! I really appreciate it.


fresh photography for hip homes

Sidewing Creations said...

Thanks for bringing Jennifer Squires shop to our attention. She does lovely work and, I for one, might never have found her shop!

Art By MAR said...

Great feature! Jennifer has absolutely beautiful photos.

my blog said...

she really does some awesome work.

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