Friday, August 8, 2008

Skin Care A-Z Continued

Here are tips p & q from "Your Everything Guide to Skin. All you need to know from A-Z." These tips come to you from an article in Elle Magazine. I have company in town this week from Italy so this is just a quick post, but make sure you check back for more tips soon!!

p. -
PH BALANCE: Harsh cleansers and sugary snacks are just a few of the factors that can upset the skin's normal ph (4.0-5.5), causing flaking. To hit the reset button, forgo intense acid peels chomp green veggies, and rehydrate with lotion.

q. -
QUICK FIX: Make up artists know how to wake up lackluster skin in minutes without a drop of foundation. Apply a moisturizing mask (or just a rich cream) with a gentle, three minute facial massage. The process relaxes the muscles, accelerates microcirculation, and plumps lines to create smoother surface and a temporary - but convincing - glow.

There are only a few more tips left in the series and you don't want to miss them, so make sure you check back for the rest of Elle's Skin Care Guide.

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