Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here's is " Your Everything Guide To Skin. All you need to know from A-Z." Continued. This is a series of post I started last week from article I read in Elle Magazine, so if you miss tips A-L make sure you go back and check them out! Here are tips M-O, enjoy!

m. - MINERAL: Big news in makeup, mineral formulas consist of natural substances like zinc oxide, ultamarine, and titanium dioxide. Sine the particles don't penetrate skin they offer cover with low risk of irritation.

- NIACIN: A derivative of vitamin B3, niacin helps the digestive system convert food to energy and assists nerve function. But skin care gurus love it because niacin breaks down into nicotinic acid, which stimulates the release of leptin, a hormone that's been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. Applied twice a day, a niacin-enriched product could fade brown spots and other discoloration over time, and since it's gentle niacin is well suited for delicate faces.

o. - OIL: When it comes to creating the perfect skin cream, water and oil truly do mix. It's the ratio of these two ingredients that makes some textures feel thick and other slip on the light and airy. But not all oils are created equal. Occlusive versions such as mineral oil lay on the skin to create a protective barrier, while lighter formulas like jojoba seep into skin's cracks and crevices

Make sure you check back for more skin care tips, everything you need know from a-z coming soon!


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I'm enjoying your A-Z tips! Nice blog.

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I love learning beauty ingredients. You may want to check mastey.org or is it mastey.net

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