Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Tips - SKIN CARE

Here is a special addition of Tuesday Tips, this the 3rd post out of a series of post on skin care I started last Thursday from an article I read in ELLE Magazine "Your Everything Guide To Skin. All you need to know from A-Z." Tips J-L, Enjoy!

j. - JUICE: Greapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes, make more than thirst-slacking vitamin packed beverages. Fruit acids, part of the alpha-hydroxy family have also been proven to be brilliant exfloiants (citric and malic acid are two popular varieties.) Unlike scrubs, which pyshically slough off the dead tissue, fruit acids break apart the bonds holding together old cells in surface-dulling clumps. This action also encourages the formation of new cells, which not only makes the complexion radiant and fresh but also evens tone and minimzes hyperpigmentation.

k. - vitamin K: Found in dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale, vitamin k helps build strong bones. Applied topically, it repairs broken blood vessels, zapping dark circles and accelerating bruise healing.

l. - LINE FILLERS: From Restylane to CosmoDerm to Zyderm, fillers (made respectively, of hyaluronic acid, lab produced human collagen and bovine collage) are injectedunder the skin to erase lines and restore fullness. Needle-phobes should opt for creams and cosmetic that mimic the look with optical light diffusers.

Make sure you check make for more skin care tips coming soon!


Rosalie said...

spinach is my favorite! And full of vitamin K!

ankur said...

Having Grapefruit juice daily will add a different glow to your skin.

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ankur said...

I a so worried about my skin. Because yesterday i had pimple , any solution?

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